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JackieMac  is owned by Jackie MacDonald and Stephen Coote.  We are a wife and husband team.

Jackie has been working with glass for around 20 years.   Stephen started to help her in 2008.

Although we are no longer in the business of making and repairing leadlight windows, Jackie is relatively well-known for her work in this field.   She is particularly pleased with the windows she designed and helped to build for Nelson’s historic Marsden House.... and with her contribution to the leadlight windows in Nelson’s new museum.   There are many houses around Nelson with leadlight windows that Jackie has made or repaired.

In the late 1990’s, Jackie bought a kiln and started to investigate the fusing process.   She soon discovered dichroic glass and started to experiment with it.  Because of the results she was getting, and because of the popularity of what she produced, it eventually became her main focus.

There are many ways of using dichroic glass, and Jackie has her own style.   We believe that Jackie’s work is right up with the best in the world.   “The best” is hard to define... and we don’t feel comfortable bragging.   So, like the tag inside a pair of Levi jeans: “We shall thank you to carefully examine the ..... finish and fit”, to look at the work and see how you like it.

Jackie achieved first place in the CBS 'Dichroic by Design' Award in 2014.  This event was open to artists from around the world.  The winning entries can be seen on our 'sculptural work' page.

In recent years Jackie has started to paint again using pastels and acrylics.

With a strong interest in primitive technology, Stephen has written two books based on his experiences.  He assists with the glass work and creates the steel frames for the sculptures.

We are grateful to everybody who has purchased our work so far.   You have helped to keep things flowing for us as we continue to grow.

Currently we have some work on display in Arty Nelson Gallery at 126 Trafalgar Street.

Although our home property in Todd Valley is relatively small, we like to grow fruit and vegetables in our yard.   We appreciate the peace and beauty of our semi-rural surroundings.    We spend a lot of our 'spare' time with members of our family, walking our dog, watching interesting videos on You Tube, enjoying music... and wondering about the mysteries of existence.

Jackie MacDonald, glass artistStephen Coote of JackieMac in Nelson

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