pastel and acrylic paintings by Jackie MacDonald of Nelson, New Zealand

                      Paintings in pastel or acrylic by Jackie MacDonald of Nelson, New Zealand

Note:  stated dimensions of paintings are only an approximation (or guess) and generally do not include the frame unless stated otherwise.  If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please email us and we will send you the relevant information.

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Crown Lynn 2.  Acrylic on board.  Jackie MacDonald, Nelson, New Zealand.
"Crown Lynn 2".  Acrylic on board.  sold

Crown Lynn painting by New Zealander Jackie MacDonald
                                "Crown Lynn".  Acrylic paint on board.  500 x 400 mm sold

Floral Symphony 2

"Floral Symphony 2"
Acrylic on board.
350 x 750 mm  sold

Fifeshire Rock pastel painting by Jackie MacDonald

"Fifeshire Rock"  Nelson New Zealand.
  Pastel.  450 x 300 mm.

Wakapuaka Wildlife Reserve pastel painting by Jackie MacDonald


                   "Wakapuaka Wildlife Reserve"  Pastel. sold

Motueka Marina by Jackie MacDonald

"Motueka Marina"  Pastelsold

Floating Flowers by Jackie MacDonald

                                          "Floating Flowers"  Acrylic

Commission portrait by Jackie MacDonald

"Martin and Gwen".  Pastel.  sold

commission dog portrait by Jackie MacDonald

                                                       sold.  Dog.  Pastel

View from Boulder Bank by Jackie MacDonald

View from the Boulder Bank.  Pastel. sold

                                             "Seagull".  Pastel. sold

Red Flowers pastel painting by JackieMac

  "Red Flowers".  Pastelsold

Pink poppies by Jackie MacDonald

                                                                  "Pink Poppies".  Pastel.

Nelson Viewed from Boulder Bank

"View from Boulder Bank 2".  Acrylic.

Duck hunter portrait

                                          "Duck Hunter".  Pencil and pastel.  sold

Reflections at Miyazu Gardens, Nelson NZ by Jackie MacDonald

"Reflections".  Miyazu Gardens Nelson.  Pastel.  sold
Cable Bay by Jackie MacDonald

                                           "Cable Bay".   Pastel.  sold

Commission portrait by Jackie MacDonald

"Bill".  Pastel.  sold

Fantail pastel by Jackie MacDonald

                                 "Fantail on Wire".  Pastel.

Fruit on bench

"Fruit and Jug".  Pastel.

Haulashore Island by Jackie MacDonald

                    "Haulashore Island".  Nelson.  Pastel.

"Fruit".  Pastel.


                                       "Kingfisher".  Acrylicsold

Little Toot Nelson Harbour by Jackie MacDonald

"Little Toot".  Nelson Harbour.  Pastel.

Miyazu Gardens 1 Nelson by Jackie MacDonald

                                 "Miyazu 1".  Nelson.  Pastel. sold

Miyazu Bridge by Jackie MacDonald

"Miyazu Bridge".  Pastel.

Shag at sunrise

                                                  "Shag at Sunrise".  Pastel.  sold

Shag in the sun

 "Shag in the Sun".  Pastel.

Horses commission painting by Jackie MacDonald

                                                          "Storm and Solly".  Pastel.  Sold.

Spring flowers pastel

"Spring Flowers".  Pastel

Jackie creating spring flowers

                 "Ruby Bay".  Pastel.  Sold
Ruby Bay

"Tasman".  Pastel

Spotted Shag

                    "Spotted Shag".  Nelson Harbour.  Pastel.

Pink Cosmos flowers by Jackie MacDonald

"Pink Cosmos".  Pastel.

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