Glass and stainless steel sculptures by JackieMac of Nelson NZ

                                            Sculptural work by JackieMac of Nelson, New Zealand.

Several types of glass are used in this category, along with ceramic tiles and 304 grade stainless steel.  Some of these pieces are suitable for outdoor display if mounted securely.  All stated dimensions are approximate.  If you are interested in a particular piece, please email us so we can send you the relevant information.  Most of the samples below are now unavailable, but we have other stock and we are often working on new items.  We find that it is very hard to capture a true likeness with a photograph, and often reflections of nearby objects appear in the glass.  So it is very likely that items displayed here will look different (probably a lot better) in real life.

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Detailed glass wall hanging by Jackie MacDonald of Nelson New Zealand

"Dream Town"
Approx 110 x 340 mm.

City of Sails.  Composite glass picture by Jackie MacDonald of Nelson New Zealand.

"City of Sails"
Approx 290 x 650 mm
(Note that there are silver buttons on the frames of many of these wall hangings.  These cover the holes provided for mounting srcrews).

Oasis. Glass and stainless steel.  Jackie MacDonald of Nelson.
Approx 280 x 190 mm

Downtown by JackieMac

200 x 550 mm

Urban Jungle wall hanging by JackieMac

"Urban Jungle"
200 x 550 mm

The Valley double leaf wall hanging by JackieMac, Nelson, NZ

"The Valley"
125 x 750 mm

Blue Leaves

"Blue Leaves"
125 x 750 mm

Winning entries 2014 'Dichroic by Design' awards.  Jackie MacDonald of Nelson, NZ
  The three works that earned Jackie first place in the international 2014 'Dichroic by Design' awards organised by Coatings by Sandberg in the U.S.A.
(all sold)

Moonlight Feathers

"Moonlight Feathers"



Blue Vase
"Blue Vase"
Approx 450 x 700 mm

Red Fish.  Dichroic glass art by JackieMac Partnership.  Nelson, New Zealand.Blue Fish by JackieMac Partnership

"Fish" (typically 500 mm tall)

Winter Garden by Jackie MacDonald, Nelson, New Zealand.
"Winter Garden"
A lot of reflections in this photo, including the neighbour's roof.
The silver buttons on the frame cover the mounting screws.
705 x 705 mm

Autumn Leaves.  Oval wall hanging by JackieMac Partnership, Nelson, NZMoonlight

single oval frame
approx 115 x 340 mm

Floral Symphony by JackieMac Partnership of Nelson NZ
"Floral Symphony"
350 x 750 mm


Red and Yellow Leaves
single oval frame
approx 115 x 340 mm

Garden Art by Jackie MacDonald and Stephen Coote of JackieMac Partnership, Nelson, New Zealand
Glass and stainless steel garden sculpture on concrete plinth.
One of Jackie's elaborate paver mosaics in the foreground.
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